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Do you have a Coronavirus COVID-19 related product that you sell online? We want to help!

Do you have coronavirus COVID-19 products like hand sanitizers, sanitation wipes, cleansers, face masks, gloves that you are selling online? We are providing a free service to help!

We want to do our part in stopping the pandemic. We realized that we are not medical personnel and we are not manufacturers. However, we can assist others who are, by doing what we do best – assist people who are selling coronavirus COVID-19 related products with their online visibility. We had done it for several of our clients very successfully. Here is a chart of website traffic for one of our smaller clients after we optimized their website for selling respirators.

coronavirus covid-19 hand sanitizers, masks, respirators, sell online free

The number of clicks from Google to the website is about 55 / day when we started, and now it peaked at 342 / day, a whopping 500%+ increase in click- throughs in a month.


Here’s what we are willing to offer for free.

  • Free audit to your website. If you haven’t already, use our free website audit tool here.
  • Free no-obligation consultation over the phone after we review your audit.
  • Free initial clean up of your website for search optimization (up to 2 hours of effort). *
  • Free submission to Google and Bing for indexing. **

* We need access to your website.
** We need access to your Google and Bing analytics.


After this free effort (which we typically charge $1000++), we encourage you to continue a monthly search marketing program with us to improve and maintain your rankings. There is no obligation for you to do so.


In order not to kill ourselves in the process, we impose some limitations:

  • Your products need to be somewhat pandemic related.
  • The offer is open until end of May 2020.
  • We are only optimizing for the US market.
  • We have the first right of refusal – meaning, we may choose not do it even if you ask us because, you know, we might be swamped.
  • There’s no guarantee that your website will be ranked after the effort. We have no control over how Google or Bing rank a website. We can only help the website be more attractive to them.
  • Don’t be a jerk. We are helping you for free. Be kind, be nice, be understanding and we will do our best for you.


Let us know if we can help by filling the form, or sending us an email directly at  or call us directly at 312.733.7380.


Let us know if we can help you.