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Can you double your revenue? Want to learn how?

How much money do you want to make? It can be an open ended question, right? Well it’s one of the first questions we ask clients, and to be honest most of them don’t have an answer. That’s why we are hosting a Spring Clean webinar soon, so clients can get their sites in order and really focus on a revenue target moving forward.

What I learned

  • Well, how much money do you want to make?
  • Is your site ready to capitalise on Black Friday?
  • Why great results are a combination of factors.
  • Ignore the tech stuff and focus on the user.
  • The benefits of a mystery shop.


Hey, welcome back, Rankers, how are you going? Melbourne’s back in Stage 4 lockdown, so it’s a bit ordinary but we’ll get through it. One of the things we always ask our clients when they start is, “How much money do you want to make?” It reminded me of a tax accountant I went to back in the 90s. He said the same thing, and I thought, “That’s…that’s, what?” So I’m sitting here opposite my tax account. He said, “Well, how much do you want back?” Said, “I don’t know, $1,000?” Got my $1,000 back. Bonus. But then one day, one Sunday morning about a year later, I’m sitting there watching an investigative journalism show on television called the Sunday programme. When I used to pay attention to the news. And there walking across the screen was my accountant in slow motion. As they announced, he’d been arrested. Corn flakes, coffee, everywhere.

How much money would you like to make?

That was a shock. Now we’re not going to be doing what he did, because he was laundering money for the mob as it turned out. But the reason we ask the question is because a lot of clients don’t know, as we’ve said before. So make sure you subscribe to get all the details for the webinar. Now it’s the Spring Clean webinar, which basically means getting the site ready so you can capitalise on Black Friday and all the sales in late spring. So, and this is the sort of data that we look at all the time. So this is just one client. Now this client, this is really important, didn’t have data set up in Google Analytics and you can see the growth since we started. It’s not quite 12 months yet, but we’ll get there.

So this is a weekly revenue graph that you’re looking at and you can say there, we’re getting good solid growth and post the initial lockdowns of COVID, we can see significant growth and they’re going to have a really, really good spring. So they’re set. They’re ready. This particular client, you can see pretty extraordinary results. This is just their ads results. So you can see here, we’ve spent 3% less. So, what’s that? We’re spending about $600 less and we’ve made an extra $102,000 or 155% increase. This client, 66% reduction in ad costs for a 23% increase in revenue. This one is 125% up year on year and that’s the entire revenue. They’re not concerned about that doubling with their bounce rate at all.

This particular client, up 35% year on year. This one, 94%. Incidentally, this client I’ve been trying to get, this client’s been with us for quite a while and I’ve been trying to get them onto our revenue model for a long time. And finally last year she said, “Yes.” And I said, “I want you to double your revenue.” And she said, “Hmm. Yeah, okay, whatever.” Anyway, we’re nearly there. But all of these things, all of these results I should say, are a combination of things. I’m going to go through what you need to do and what you need to focus on as a business owner. I’m not going to go through the technical mumbo jumbo jargon. We’re going to look at how people use your site and things you need to be aware of whilst they’re using it, but how they get there, what device they’re on. Does organic convert better than paid or vice versa? Is mobile getting a bigger basket size than desktop? Do you know these things? So that’s what we’re going to look at and that’s what we look at with these sites.

Time for the Spring Clean webinar

So when we say a spring clean, a lot of your users are tripping over things on your site and getting lost in your site because you might think it works well and looks nice, but that’s not what users are saying. So we’re going to explain some of the concept around mystery shopping as well and why it’s so important to do for digital now. So if you want to be part of that and once again, yeah, we hope to get some clients out of this webinar, but we’re not looking for a lot of clients. As I said before, we’re very selective and chances are, we won’t be a match if you join the webinar anyway, because we’re looking for a particular type of business at a particular level that can scale.

So larger organisations can’t do this typically the way we do it anyway, because they have too many moving parts internally. There’s too many people to go through, too many vested interests in the website. That’s why this is for business owners who are retailers. Okay. So if you are one or if you know one, it’s a free webinar, so please hit us up. Make sure you subscribe. Follow us on LinkedIn if you’re not already and I’ll have more details there. Thanks very much everyone. Have a great week, stay safe, protect the vulnerable, and chin up.

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