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Ecommerce, what should you focus on?

It’s important to learn how to prioritise when setting targets in retail. If you don’t stick to budgets you will surely end up throwing money all over the place, often with little return. I’ll be hosting a webinar soon with plenty of tips for you to go inspect your own site and priorities. Even if you’re not ready for an agency there will be plenty of useful information

What I learned

  • Why I dread contract renewals
  • The difference a revenue focus makes
  • How much do you want to make?
  • Don’t scattergun your money
  • Why you should attend our webinar


Hey, welcome back Rankers. How are you going? I want to talk to you a little bit more about retail. We’re still in the lockdown stage by the way. Let’s not go there.

Learn to prioritise

I want to talk to you a little bit more about the workshop because I used to dread contract renewal. I used to go into it, “Oh God, hope the client’s happy. How are we going to keep this client?” This is back in the days when we were just doing SEO and AdWords, and we weren’t having that focus of revenue. Whereas now we have, and the differences are amazing as I’ve been saying.

One of the things that you will get to learn at this workshop is basically how to prioritise. Where you look for things. Because the way that we work is that we’ll set a budget with a client to say, “How much do you want to make in the period that we’re going to be working on your site?”

And a client started with us last November, and their goal was a 25% increase year on year of their revenue whilst maintaining a thousand percent return on ad spend. And you need to set metrics because if you don’t, you end up going out all over the place. Spending money over here, spending money over there, and not knowing how it’s actually deliberately affecting that bottom line. Which is what we do.

And within 60 days, we’d hit that 25% year on year. But it’s only one month, right? So you’ve got to keep going. You’ve got to make sure it’s solidified. Anyway, happy to say that today we’re a hundred percent up year on year. And the contract renewal is something that our client’s now showing a little bit of trepidation about because we’re going to set new goals. We’re going to set new revenue goals. And you can imagine what that means.

Our Spring Clean webinar

So this webinar, it’s not a workshop. This webinar, it’s a one hour webinar. We’re not going to have time to share everything. But what we do share will give you enough to go away and go, “Okay, I need to go and look at my site. I need to go and look at this. I need to go and look at how my data’s set up.”

And you may even want to go away and set up your own dashboard after you watch this webinar. Because some of the things we’ll share with you is what we look at on a daily basis with our clients. So every morning, we go through every client and we go, “Are they on budget? Are we ahead? Are we behind? What do we need to do?” And it’s important to have that focus because it’s very easy to go off and go and do content. Go and, “Oh, organic’s down.” Well, is organic important? Or is revenue important? Do you care where the revenue comes from now?

You might if you’re spending too much on that revenue. So now you’ve got to set some metrics about how much are you prepared to spend to get the traffic into your site to convert it? How is that traffic converting? All those sorts of things.
So we’ll be going through those and I’ll show you some case studies, some examples of the impact. The powerful impact of these things. And we’ll go through also how you can just go and mystery shop your own site. So if you’re not ready for an agency, you can still come to this workshop. We don’t work with everyone. We have to be very, very selective.

This discussion I was having on LinkedIn this week was about that specifically. Because I said, “This is how we work.” And someone said, “Oh, that’s very risky. You’re not in control of everything. The client is in control.” A lot of that stuff. Google is in control of its algorithm. All these other people are in control of their things. And look, that’s true for most businesses, offline or online. But if I’m a business coach and I’m working with an offline business, well I’ve had business coaches before. This is how they drive you. “What are your goals? Let’s have a look.” The difference with us is that we’re actively working in the business as well to achieve those things.

So you’ve got to have the right mindset and you’ve got to have the right team. But half the struggle is knowing which lever to pull. And hopefully at this webinar, you’ll go away with plenty of that information. So you can go away and make some informed decisions. Hopefully that’s helpful.

Please share, subscribe. Comment here on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, wherever you’re watching this video. If you have questions and if you’ve got a site you want us to look at before the workshop, we might be able to give you some insights of what to expect. Then please just leave a comment, shoot it through. And we’ll have a look.
Don’t email me because I won’t see it, but I will see the comments. Thanks very much, everyone. Bye.

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