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Webinar Next Week!

We’re gearing up for our FREE webinar next week, Thursday 1st July at 11am. Make sure you book your spot early as places are limited. I’ll be talking about how you could be making more money from your eCommerce store by abandoning old school SEO in exchange for a new Shopping Experience Optimisation that focuses on your customer and what they expect.

  • How do you make more money on your site?
  • Why you should stop trying to please search engines.
  • The importance of fixing issues.
  • Why you should change your perspective.


Hey, welcome back Rankers! How are you going? It’s been a cold week in Melbourne this week, which is why I’m doing the show from the office again and not the studio, where it’s bloody cold.

SEO redefined

Let me talk to you a little bit about our webinar that is coming up next week. If you haven’t booked, you probably should if you’re in retail and e-commerce and you want to know how could I make a lot more money on my site? Because that’s what this webinar will do. And basically we’re redefining SEO. SEO, search engine optimisation, which is really search engine manipulation, as we’ve talked about before. What we look at now is shopper experience optimisation because let’s face it; Google’s not buying your products, are they? It’s the shoppers that are buying the products. What Google’s trying to do is find out what those shoppers like and what this webinar is all about is helping you understand what your shoppers like and don’t like, and ways that you can troubleshoot those things on your site and start to find some of the things that we find with our clients that you go, “Wow, look at that. That one thing we did not know, that button wasn’t working for people on mobile devices.” Happens to be worth $10,000 a month. That was one case from just last week.

A different view

The web developers won’t see these things. Lots of people won’t see because they’re not looking at it. They don’t have a goal like you of growing your revenue and growing your profit and growing your sales. So, that’s why this is different. We’re looking at it from a different perspective now. We’ve had a bit of an awakening over the last five years. After the last 30 years of being in sales and marketing, the last five years has taught me that the e-commerce industry has not… It lacks retailers basically. Imagine if a bricks-and-mortar store was designed by an e-commerce person. We’ve all seen those videos. Imagine if your website or e-commerce fundamentals were rolled out by people who had a lot of experience in retail, because retail’s been around a very, very, very long time. I used to work in retail and there are certain principles that we’re not doing on our websites, on our e-commerce websites, that shoppers love.
That’s what this webinar’s all about. Come and see us next week. 11:00 AM. That’s Thursday, 11:00 AM, the 1st of July, and you can register at Thanks very much. Bye.

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