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Are you ready for the sales season? These clients are.

Spring is in the air and search results reflect the interest in the usual springtime pursuits such as gardening. We’ve had some continued great results for clients recently, including a brand new client. We like to give things a few months at least to prove they’re not flash in the pan results before setting new budgets. We’ll be covering our methods and how they can help your business in our upcoming spring clean webinar. Sign up soon though as seats are filling fast.

What I learned

  • Spring is starting to dominate search results
  • When and why we reset budgets
  • Why our Spring Clean webinar isn’t for everyone
  • How we focus on revenue
  • Don’t miss out on the webinar!


Hey. How you going Rankers? Welcome back. I’ve just been setting up a new light in the studio. Someone randomly sent me a ring light, and you can see the reflection in the screen. Look. Ta-da. Suits, doesn’t it? Don’t you think? Thank you, whoever sent me that. This is the second time that’s happened randomly. Last time, it was because I was complaining about flies in the studio and someone sent me this. I suspect the same person. Whoever you are, well-played.

Springtime Sales

I want to talk to you a little bit about spring because spring is in the air. Oh, by the way, some additional news, Facebook’s banning news content because of the ACCC in media going up against them saying they have to pay for their content. What? Who saw that coming? Everyone who’s been in the industry for a little while, except the ACCC on media.
But moving right along, I want to talk to you about spring because this is what’s happening in search right now around Australia. Everybody is looking for things for the garden for spring, springtime, spring, spring, spring. And guess what? We’ve got a spring clean webinar coming up in a couple of weeks, which you can attend to find out how we achieve results like this.

Now this is pretty awesome, this one. This one just came this morning, hot off the press. New client, second month in. We’ve just been going through this initial period of getting all our checks done, getting some basic changes pushed through quickly. And what we tend to do is look for the things that are going to have the biggest impact on revenue in the shortest space of time.

So we had a goal of I think it was a 20% increase year on year for this client. And they had a goal of 85k and they were at 120k. So we’ve already blown that out of the water, but we would normally reset budgets, but you can’t do that in your second month, right? ‘Cause you don’t know whether it’s going to stick and you have to sort of tamper down the client enthusiasm to say, “We’ve got a long way to go. There’s a lot more we have to do, but we’re going to keep doing this for six months. See how far we can grow it. At the end of that point, then we’ll know everything’s bedded down. These numbers are real. It wasn’t just a sale or a flash in the pan or a particular product or something like that. It is actually consistent growth in revenue.” At the end of those six months, you can come back and say, “Give us some new budgets.”

So we’ve just done that with a client. And last year during the spring sale season, which we’ll get to, last year during the spring sale season, they we’re doing about 375k, something like that a month, 375,000 a month and that’s their peak season. Next year, they’ve said they want that to be 800,000 a month. And you might think that’s a huge jump, Jim. It is, but not when you consider the growth that they’ve had this year, right, it’s not that big a jump. So my job now is to go through and have a look at those budgets month by month, look at the seasonality of the industry and work out how are we going to achieve that? When are we going to achieve that, what we have to do?

Have you signed up to our webinar?

And that is why we are having the spring clean webinar because we can’t do it for everybody. We can only do it for a certain amount of clients. And the key with this process that we follow is having great business owners to work with. And we screen our clients fairly tightly because of that, because it just makes for a much nicer working experience when you can be proactive. And I said this to a client the other day, I said, “Look, because we’re over budget now, and you’re just looking for things to get us to do, let’s just reset budgets so we can be proactive again, not reactive, which is what you tend to be after you hit the budgets.

So this spring clean webinar, we’ll be going through the sorts of things that we would look at, how you focus on revenue, how you can fix up little things on your site that can have a massive impact like the numbers that you’ve just seen. And it’s quite extraordinary. And I think it’s a lot to do with our assumptions with e-commerce over the years, over the last 20 years or so. We, I mean back in the late ’90s, it was about “Oh, people don’t want to buy online,” right? And we’ve always had these sorts of myths or assumptions, and it’s a bit like the four-minute mile. Once it was broken, everyone was breaking it ’cause they knew it was possible.

And that’s the same with us. We did this on a couple of sites. We went, “Well, if it’s possible on their site, maybe it is actually possible on everyone else’s site.” And for the most part, it is. There are exceptions to it, but for the most part, this works on whatever eCommerce platform you’re on, Kentico, Magento, Shopify, X-cart, OpenCart, Neto, all the others, all the above, the ones I haven’t mentioned, the ones that you’re on. It works on that as well.

And it’s just really about the business owners having the right focus and understanding the numbers, knowing where to look and making sure those things are on track, having those dashboards in place so you know that, yeah, we’re on target. And as I said to someone the other day, “Do you want to focus on getting that keyword to number one or do you want to focus on making a hundred thousand dollars?” ‘Cause they’re two very different things and that’s what this is.

Hopefully, I’ll see you there. It’s We’ve got limited seats available because we don’t want to talk to a lot of people basically. We only want to talk to the ones who are really interested. So get on board. Hope to see you there. And remember, subscribe, share wherever you see the show and leave a comment. I will answer. And even if they’re a bit rude, like the ones a couple of weeks ago, I’ll still answer them. Thanks very much. We’ll see you soon. And thanks for the light, whoever bought the light.

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