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Free webinar for stellar eCommerce growth

Our free webinar is fast approaching on September 17. It’s a Spring Clean webinar to help eCommerce retailers prepare for Black Friday and the sale seasons. We’re leaving out the tech-talk and only focusing on things you can do to your site that will have maximum impact. We’ll help you understand your data, what your ad spend is and how you can improve it, why customers aren’t buying from you, and lots more. Places are limited so sign up today!

What I learned

  • Our Spring Clean webinar is here!
  • Why it’s for Ecommerce only
  • Why you need to understand your data
  • This Black Friday could be the biggest ever!
  • What’s an acceptable ad spend return?


Hey, welcome back Rankers. Let’s not talk about stage four. I want to talk about our webinar, it’s coming up. You should be on it if you’re an eCommerce retailer. This is for retailers only and this is pretty much what we’ve been doing for the last three years. I haven’t really done any public presentation about this, especially what we’re doing now because it is quite special. And we say that every day, I say to my staff, “You’re special.” But I mean it in a nice way because the results that we’re getting… and our clients are special too, it doesn’t happen without the right client. So hopefully you’ll be able to do this in your own business, some of the things that we’re doing with our clients, and I’ve already had some clients say, “Can we attend the webinar?” I said, “Yes come along, it’s more training for you.”

Spring Clean webinar

So we’re also going to be training our own clients. I’m going to tell you who they are, but we’re going to be training our own clients in this webinar as well. So this is stuff we talk to our clients about. It’s for business owners. That’s why it’s important that it’s not techy jargon, it’s not you’re going to go and do this trick or that trick, nothing like that. It’s about things in your business that aren’t working as well as they could that you don’t even know about. So we’re calling this our Spring Clean webinar to get ready for Black Friday and all the sale seasons, because the clients I’m about to show you, and some of these numbers that we’re talking about on the webinar page, we did a lot of this last year. And so we’re really excited about the sale season this year because it’s the first time they’ve had a lot of these changes in place and they’ve got this extra traffic now to benefit from it as well.

But if you’ve already got traffic you already might be halfway there. So we’re going to go through data analysis. And it’s really important to understand some fundamentals about your data. And a lot of businesses don’t have the data set up properly in Google Analytics. So they’re essentially flying blind. And what the data does when you know what to look at, what you should be looking at, is it gives you some direction. It’s like, if you need to go on a journey, you might know your destination, but unless you know where you are now, you don’t know which direction to head. So that’s what the data gives you. It lets you know where things are right now. That’s why it has to be accurate.

So we’ll go through some of those gotchas that we’ve seen over the last couple of years. And hopefully that’ll be helpful to you. We’re going to look at what your ad spend is doing. So I’ll just start case in point, this client we’ve taken over, only been with them a few months now, but you can see here, we’ve had a 54% reduction in ad spend for the last 30 days versus last year, but we’ve made an extra 74% of revenue. Now that’s a massive saving for them and they’re making a lot more money as well. And these are simple things. We just went into Google Ads and we had a look around, we went, “Ooh, that’s set up wrong. That’s set up wrong. That’s set up wrong.” So you might be doing the same thing. A lot of people think, well 200%, 300%, yeah, yeah. 400%, 500%. Wow, return on your ad spend is a good thing. We aim for 1000% percent.

What’s your acceptable ad spend return?

So some industries, this one for instance, she’s got excellent margins. So 1000% for her is just incredible. But for others with tighter margins 1000% is like, that’s where we start. So you need to work out those sorts of things for you as well. What’s an acceptable ad spend, and what’s the return that you want from that? And then you can just roll that out. You might want to cap it. We’ve got some clients that do that too. We’re going to have a look at the main reasons customers don’t buy. And it really boils down to some fundamentals. It is the site’s hard to use. And I know you’ve heard that before, but you go, and I had this conversation with someone… I had this conversation all the time. “My site’s not slow. Look, it just came up really quickly.” Yeah. Okay, the data says that your site is slow and your transactions are transacting down at 1%. Why aren’t they 5%, why aren’t they 6%? Why aren’t they 20% like some of our clients? Start asking yourself those questions.
A hundred people come into your store, only two buy? We seem to accept that. Don’t accept it. The other thing that we’re going to be looking at of course is how this can work with really, really old businesses. In fact, in some instances it works a lot better. And the reason for that is the business owner. Because the business owners, when they’ve been in business for a while, they’ve seen a lot of stuff. They know what they want. So one of the keys for this sort of system to work and this sort of approach to digital marketing to work is having a mindset from the business owner that they know where they want to head. They understand the revenue goals they want to reach. They understand the costs within their business and where they should expand and where they should pull back. So that’s why it works really well. So you can be a really old business. You don’t have to be a new startup whizzbang site. This works on all sorts of eCommerce sites.

One of these is a Microsoft site. Another one is Shopify. We’ve got Magento in here. And just to give you some quick examples of existing clients. So we’ve got this one, you’ve seen that spend. That’s great. We’ve got this one. This started with us last year. They were coming off a low base, but you can see there we’ve had a 78% increase in users, 742% increase in revenue. Well that’s nice, month on month, year on year. And if we have a look at this one, this one is 27% more traffic, but for 78% more revenue. So what’s that? An extra 100,000, nearly 200,000? And you can see here, the ad spend, we’ve only got an extra 12% of traffic, but we’ve nearly doubled the revenue from ads. So once again, they’re getting double the return they were previously getting from their ad spend.

What’s this one? We’ve got this one. This is a client who’s been with us for a long time, actually. So this was really pleasing because I couldn’t get her to go on the revenue model. She was like, “Well, why should I? I’m happy doing what I’m doing.” I was like, “I could make you more money doing this.” She said, “How could you make me more money?” Because I said, “Because I’m going to be looking at different things than what I’m looking at now. But I can’t look at those things if you keep telling me why isn’t this keyword ranking?” So this one, 20% more traffic, a 200% increase in revenue. And that’s a year on year for the last 30 days for all of those clients. So if you want that, please go to, sign up, tell your friends, and it will be a hoot. Send me any questions about it in the meantime on either YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, wherever you see this video. And I hope to see you there. Thanks very much everyone. Bye.

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