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Make sure you know what you opt in for


Hey, welcome back Rankers, how you going? Wasn’t going to do a show this week, but there’s emails going out from Google to a lot of people who advertise. And Google’s saying that, by the way, these ads accounts or these campaigns, we’re going to switch them to our data attribution model on the 24th of August, unless you opt out. Now I’m not even going to get into what the data attribution models are and all those sorts of things. If you don’t know, go and find out, go and have a good look at Gary Schwartz’s article on SCR round table. But the issue I have with it is, in this email, is that they have default opted you in to this system. Now they don’t know what you consider a conversion or what’s important to you, whether it’s return on ad spend, whether it’s you want to keep certain costs down in certain areas, but you want to promote other products.

Put your trust in Google

They’re saying leave it to us. We’ve gone and had a look at some of the campaigns they wanted us to move. We’re not going to, right, because just on a cursory glance, so far, the ones that we’ve had a look at, they won’t fare well. And that’s according to Google’s own tools. So we’re not going to switch them over. But the thing I don’t like about this is it’s a bit sneaky because it’s default opt in and you have to go and opt out, right? And go and have a look and see what people are saying about it on LinkedIn or the ads people on LinkedIn and on Twitter. People are not happy about the way they’ve gone about this. It may work for you. We’ve got some that will use this model, but certainly not the ones that they’re going to default swap over on the date, because those campaigns that they’re doing, some of them are brand campaigns.

And they’re going really, really well. We won’t be switching them over at all. And if you are running brand campaigns, I’d probably go and have a look at those to see if Google wants to switch the model that you currently have it set for and what your conversions should be. So go, and if you haven’t checked your email from Google Ads, go and have a look at that and make sure you understand what they’re saying before you just go, oh yeah, it’s another change.

Does it benefit your business?

It’s kind of not because they’re changing the whole model and I’m of the opinion that, it’s not a controversial one, I don’t think, but Google’s in the business of making money. I’m in the business of making money for my clients. So I’m going to look after them before I just accept, blindly, Google telling me to switch over all these accounts. Go and have a look yourself and check your email. We’ve got a webinar coming up. The only one I’m going to be doing this year. So stay tuned. If you haven’t subscribed, subscribe. Go to the websites, and make sure you sign up for the newsletter there.

Please share this video if you think it might help someone who’s doing Google Ads who doesn’t know this is coming right, because you might get a bit of a shock in late August. Hopefully that’s helpful. And we’ll see you soon. If you want to reach out for a chat, then please just email me, very much. Bye.

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