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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips – Use Images

search engine optimization tip - use images for better optimization opportunitiesWhen you look around the web, you will find a lot of tips for optimizing your website for search rankings. Like many things in this world, anyone can do many things without paying a professional to do them. Here are some search optimization tips that you can potentially do to improve the page ranking of your website. 

Tip #9 – Use images

Search engine loves links.
This is a definitive statement, but very true.

Images and video can help a website rank higher on a search results page. Linking all images on your site increases the chances of this because, as we stated above, search engines love links. Always include your keywords in the alt image tag so that the search engine has even more information to use when ranking the relevancy of your site. Be careful not to overload your content with images that take a long time to load because fast load time is another factor that search engines look at. When it comes to videos, consider using YouTube to your advantage, and link back to your main website from your YouTube video. Other things to looks out when looking at images for search engine optimization – 

  • Optimize your images to achieve faster loading times and subsequent search engine visibility.
  • Keep your images’ file size as small as possible so mobile visitors in addition to those with slow internet connections can get the same intended, fast experience.
  • Optimal image size is anywhere from 30-100kb and the best resolution is 72dpi.
  • Set the image size as part of the corresponding tag for the image.
  • Place your images on context in the page. The more relevant the text around your image, the better results you’ll get for rankings.
  • Place your images inside a folder named “images” or something similar so the final URL of the image looks something like this: /images/image.jpg.

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